General Purpose – Cast Iron Motors GP100

General Description

For some people, ‘general purpose’ has become synonymous with marginal or bare-minimum quality. Not so with the SIMOTICS GP100. These cast iron general purpose motors are very similar in construction and materials to our SD100 severe duty motors, but are less costly because they are intended for moderate environments. High structural strength is ensured through the use of finite element analysis to strategically place material within each component to resist the effects of stress and vibration. Corrosion resistant materials are used liberally throughout for long life in a wide variety of industrial applications.

All GP100 motors are inverter duty and have their VFD ratings right on the nameplate. They are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed NEMA Premium® efficiency (MG1 Table 12-12); higher efficiency is available on many sizes with the optional copper rotor. A wide selection of options and QuikMOD modifications provide great flexibility to this reliable motor.

Performance Specification

HP Range

1 – 200

Frame Size

140T - 449T


Cast iron


NEMA Premium ® (MG1 - Table 12-12)

NEMA Premium ® + (>MG1 - Table 12-12)






Service Factor

1.15 @ 40ºC


Class F

Temperature Rise

Class B @ 1.0SF,

Class F @ 1.15SF

Conduit Box (Oversized)

Steel - FS140-400

Cast Iron - FS400

Fan Cover


Cooling Fan

Bi-directional - polypropylene


Die Cast Aluminum

Die Cast Copper (S14-250)

Inverter Duty

VT 20:1

CT 4:1

CT 10:1

Frame and End Shields

The SIMOTICS GP100 frame and end shields are cast iron. The easy-to-access diagonally split, oversized terminal box is heavy-walled aluminum with tapped conduit entry holes. The terminal box features a neoprene gasket and includes a heavy duty ground lug and clearly and permanently marked non-wicking leads. These characteristics plus high strength zinc-plated hardware, epoxy paint and stainless steel nameplates provide exceptional structural integrity and corrosion resistance and make them ideal for material handling, pumps, fans, compressors and other applications in moderate industrial and commercial environments.


A unique offset rotor bar design provides improved efficiency, while larger bars and end rings reduce resistance for lower rotor losses. Each die cast aluminum rotor assembly is dynamically balanced for extended bearing life and includes a high-strength carbon steel (C1045) shaft for maximum rotor performance

The stator is manufactured with premium electrical C5-grade steel laminations and copper electrical magnet wire that furthers the reduction of losses.


The proprietary Class F non-hygroscopic insulation system with NEMA Class B temperature rise provides an extra margin of thermal life. The varnish system ensures maximum winding penetration to provide protection from moisture, corrosion and electrical shock. This insulation system meets or exceeds NEMA MG1 2014 Part 31 making the motors suitable for variable speed drives in constant torque (4:1) and variable torque (20:1). All windings are tested for CIV.

Cooling System

A non-sparking, bi-directional fan is locked and keyed to the shaft. Its low-inertia design reduces windage losses, improves airflow, reduces noise and provides dependable cooling. A durable, rigid plastic fan cover is standard.


Double-shielded antifriction ball bearings are standard up to frame size 250 for the drive end and on the non-drive end for frame size 280 and above. Frames 280 and above are provided with single shielded bearings on the drive end but optional roller bearings are available. Consult the catalog or a distributor for details.

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