Definite Purpose - Vertical Solid Shaft Pump Motors

LP100 – In Line High Thrust & Extra High Thrust
HP100 – P-Base Normal Thrust

General Description

Siemens Vertical Solid Shaft motors are designed and built to operate under harsh environments in the industry, including but not limited to petrochemical, pulp and paper mills and waste-water treatment. In-line pumps, Booster, Centrifugal and Non-Clog pumps, Vertical Turbine, mix flow and propeller pumps are some of the many applications.

These motors are design to meet or exceed the NEMA Premium® efficiency (MG1 Table 12-12) as well as the most stringent industry standards API610 (LP100) and IEEE 841. A wide selection of options, among them bearing isolator and ceramic bearings on drive end, extra high thrust and Non-Reverse Ratchet for LP100 motors, make these motors suitable almost any requirement. 

The construction of these motors is backed up by its three year warranty

Performance Specification

HP Range

3600 RPM     3-100 HP

1800 RPM     3-250 HP

1200 RPM     3-250

Voltage (60 Hz)

230V/460V   3-20HP

460V             25-250HP

575V             3-250HP

Frame Size

180 - 440


NEMA Premium ®  (MG1 -Table 12-12)

Service Factor



Class F

Temperature Rise

Class B    @ 1.0SF

Class F    @ 1.15SF

Conduit Box (Oversized)

Cast iron

Fan Cover

Cast iron

Cooling Fan

Bi-directional - polypropylene


Die Cast Aluminum

Ingress Protection

IP55 (IP56 optionally)

Hazardous Location

Class I, Division 2

Inverter Duty

Variable Torque 20:1

Constant Torque CT 4:1



Frame and End Shields

The Vertical Solid Shaft Motors, HP100 and LP100 feature cast iron frame, end shields and an easy to access diagonally split, larger than industry standards, oversize terminal box; the terminal box is provided with a neoprene gasket and includes a heavy duty ground lug and non-wicking clearly and permanently marked leads. These characteristics, its zinc-plated hardware, epoxy paint and stainless steel nameplate provide exceptional structural integrity and resistant to rust and corrosion, and make them suitable for severe duty applications in harsh environments

Rotor and Stator Windings

A unique offset rotor bar design provides improved efficiency, while larger bars and end rings reduce resistance for lower rotor losses. Each die cast aluminum rotor assembly is dynamically balanced for extended bearing life and includes a high-strength carbon steel (C1045) shaft for maximum rotor performance.

The stator is manufactured with premium electrical C5 grade steel lamination and copper electrical magnet wire reduce losses


The proprietary Class F non-hygroscopic insulation system, NEMA Class B temperature rise, provides an extra margin of thermal life. The varnish system application ensures maximum wire penetration to provide protection from moisture, corrosion and electrical shock. This insulation system meets or exceeds NEMA MG1 2014 Part 31 making the motors suitable for variable speed drives in constant torque (4:1) and variable torque (20:1). All windings are tested for CIV.

Cooling System

A non-sparking, bi-directional fan is locked and keyed to the shaft. Its low-inertia design reduces windage losses, improves airflow, reduces noise and provides dependable cooling. Metal sheet fan covers are provided for all frames sizes.


HP100 (DE and NDE) and LP100 (DE) include regreasable open ball bearings for up to 250HP and 250LP frames, and above these frames a single shielded bearings. The LP100 opposite drive end features a duplex angular contact thrust bearing, across all frames sizes, depending on the arrangement the motor can provide high thrust or extra high thrust with at least a 175% extra thrust capacity.

Features and Benefits



NEMA Premium® efficiency, with 10% limit to losses in reference to nominal efficiency

Maximizes savings in energy cost without sacrificing performance.

Meets or exceed industry standards API610 and IEEE 841 (optionally for LP100 VSS In-line motors)

Tight tolerances and adherence to high requirements for severe-duty applications offers reliability and improves performance

VSS motors are offered with standard thrust (HP100), high and more than 170% extra high thrust (LP100) in a single design.

Makes it easier for users to select the optimum motor for their application as it can be used in a wide range pump applications.

Full cast iron construction with an oversized terminal box, corrosion resistance hardware and bolted lifting eye.

Increased mechanical ruggedness to addresses the toughest requirements in the industry provides long lasting life that reduces cost of service and maintenance.