Siemens Answers with SIMOTICS T Direct-Drive Torque Motor Technology for Rotary Axes

Torque Motor

SIMOTICS T 1FW is a permanent-magnet synchronous torque motor family for directly driving relatively low speed and high torque applications. The compact 1FW3 is a water-cooled motor available in IP rating 54 with a high overload capability (up to 2.5 times rated torque) and a wide hollow shaft allowing new innovative machine designs. The built-in 1FW6, also water-cooled, is rated for IP 23 and offers a high overload capability of up to two times rated torque. The scope of supply consists of the motor stator and rotor, and with the machine integration, the bearing of the driven load is used to bear the motor, leading to the most compact drive train possible.

SIMOTICS Torque Motor Options and Benefits

  • Absolute or incremental encoders, or resolvers

  • The advantages of our electronic name plate DRIVE CLiQ

  • Horizontal or vertical mounting

  • Bearing options for axial thrust applications

  • PTC thermistors in each phase beside the standard KTY thermistor

  • Cable entry direction radial or axial (1FW6 only)


1FW3 - the ready-to-apply, hollow-shaft torque motor for high energy-consuming applications

The preferred motor for applications continuously utilizing high power, the SIMOTICS T 1FW3 design allows mechanical transmissions to be eliminated in the drive train and cuts mechanical losses (e.g., gear units or belt transmissions). Another favorable area of application for the 1FW3 is high-end speed-control axes. Due to the elimination of gear units, the velocity ripple effects, caused by the gear teeth, are minimized.

Technical Data

Shaft heights

150 to 280

Rated speed*

150 – 800 rpm

Rated power*

2.8 kW – 380 kW /  3.7 – 510 hp

Static torque*

105 – 7150 Nm / 77 – 5275 lb-ft

* Depending on specific version and type

Need more Technical?

Typical Applications

  • Converting, e.g. coilers, winders or cross cutters

  • Metalforming, e.g. wire drawing machines

  • Plastics, e.g. extruders and injection molding machines

  • Printing, e.g. print cylinders

  • Textiles, e.g. fleece handling or web stretching

  • All types of high torque and/or high dynamic path and speed control applications