Siemens Answers with SIMOTICS L Highly Dynamic and Precise Built-in Linear Motor Options

Linear Motor - 1FN3

Siemens 1FN3 linear actuators are built in, permanent-magnet synchronous linear motors for directly driving high dynamic linear applications. These motors are preferred for applications that require highly accurate linear path or speed control and a compact design, as well as applications requiring highest availability values. Due to the elimination of gear units, ball screws, rack & pinion systems, or belt transmissions, there are virtually no moving parts in the drivetrain, resulting in a lower probability of failures.

The scope of supply for both families of Siemens linear motors consists of primary and secondary motor parts. When integrating the motor into the application, the linear guides of the load are used to bear the motor, creating the most compact drive train for linear axis.

In conjunction with machine integration, the encoder system needs to be added by the OEM.

key Benefits

Outstanding Production Quality

Due to the direct control of the load (no backlash or weakness), the gain in the control loop can be increased, resulting in an outstanding control capability no conventional drive train can match. The result is excellent production quality

Increased Productivity

The stiff drive train allows faster ramping up and down in cyclic applications, leading to both shorter cycles and higher product output

Low Lifecycle Costs

With the elimination of mechanical transmissions, fewer moving parts are used, resulting in fewer failures and lower maintenance costs

Significant Space Savings

The motor becomes part of the machine structure when integrated, creating the most compact machine designs for linear applications

1FN 3 linear motors offer the following options

  • Water (IP65) or Natural cooling

  • Peak load
    with a high overload capability of up to 2.5 times rated force for high dynamic cyclic applications

  • Constant load
    with a reduced overload capability of 1.7 but a higher rated force for applications requiring a more constant utilization of the motor

Technical Data

Max. Force F max *

260 – 20,700 N, 58 – 4,653 lbf

Max. Speed at Rated Force F N *

Up to 836 m/min, 2,743 ft/min

Overload Capability Peak Load Design / Continuous Load Design*

2.5 x F N / 1.7 x F N

* Depending on the version and type

Need more Technical?

Typical Applications

  • Machine Tools, e.g. feed axes in milling, turning or grinding machines

  • Material Handling, e.g. pick and place applications; floor integrated long distance transportation systems

  • All types of high dynamic and high precision path, speed and position control applications tools (e.g., main spindles)

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Looking for Information on SIMOTICS L 1FN6 Linear Motors?

As of November 2014, SIMOTICS L 1FN6 motors are considered a phase-out product. Please refer to SIMOTICS L 1FN3 motors for all linear motor applications.