Compression integrator cuts costs and risk with Siemens drive technologies

A Midwest-based compressor and pump company has enjoyed strong growth in the unconventional oil and gas market, thanks to increased demand for its custom-packaged solution: high-speed reciprocating compressors with the right mix of motors, drives and other rugged gear that customers need in the field. When it received an order for multiple customer sites where the compression system would be used to prepare natural gas for transport on ocean-going vessels, the solution packager saw an opportunity to streamline its supply chain. It searched for a U.S.-based vendor that could cut and stabilize lead times, reduce compatibility risks and keep more jobs in the country.

Download the Midstream Oil and Gas case study to find out how Siemens increased the motor's shaft diameter without increasing torsional resonance.

Product height would not be easy to change because it was driven largely by the motor specifications of the compressor vendor. Siemens had to find a way to increase the motor’s shaft diameter in a shorter frame without increasing torsional resonance, which can damage the motor.