Large Mine Operator Strikes Gold with Siemens AboveNEMA Full Solution

One of North America's largest copper and gold mine surface operators needed to modernize it's equipment. They aimed to replace six aging ball mills used in crushing applications with a single, large crusher that could handle even more work than the other six combined. The customer wanted to take the proven crusher application to a whole new level with a motor size and rating that had not previously been used, while also improving energy and waste efficiency.  It would be the largest crusher ever built.

Download the High Pressure Rolling Mill the find out why Siemens motors were the preferred solution for this ground breaking solution.

The new design called for motors over 5,000 hp, with rollers that could be adjusted as needed. Existing conveyors would be reworked to feed into a single crusher.  Customer requirements also called for technology that had proven successful in demanding crusher applications with demonstrated high-thrust, bearing reliability.