Industries Served

Employed in industries ranging from cement to oil and gas, mining, and more, Siemens SIMOTICS motors are versatile performers that significantly contribute to increased productivity and reduced operating costs.  Siemens understands - your production numbers define your success. And there's never any time for downtime.  When you choose a partner to supply motors for your industrial applications, you are making a decision that you will have to live with for years.  There's no better choice than SIMOTICS. Proven. Versatile. Strong. And simple to maintain. Everything you expect in a motor is precisely what Siemens delivers.


AC AboveNEMA Motors for Cement Industy

Largest U.S. Cement Mill

A mid-west single-kiln line cement plant was designed to produce hundreds of tons of cement every hour, at scorching operating temperatures of 2,500° F and amid tremendous amounts of caustic dust.

The plant needed to ensure the continuous operation of cement production in an extremely harsh environment. It also had to implement the power solution for all of its moving components, to ensure the plant’s operations stayed online during startup and commissioning. Learn more about the motor and drive combination Siemens engineered to meet the rigorous challenge

Chemical / Petrochemical

AC Drill Rig Motors for Gas and Oil Pipelines

North American Pipelines

What keeps the goods moving through gas and oil pipelines? More and more, it’s powerful Siemens motors and integrated drive systems powering centrifugal pumps, like what one of North America’s largest operators chose for an oil and gas pipeline more than 2,000 miles long.

Many suppliers can provide components of a pipeline solution, only a few might supply most of them. That can be problematic in integration and harmonizing system operations for greater system efficiency.  So how did Siemens win the sole-sourcing responsibilities for later additions to the project? Download the Centrifugal Pump case study to learn more.

Mining & Minerals

Mining Applications for Siemens Motors

Large North American Gold and Copper Mine Operator

When an equipment supplier took on the giant task of helping one of North America's largest surface mine operators modernize their equipment, they turned to Siemens.

The end customer aimed to replace six aging ball mills used in crushing applications with a single large crusher. The customer wanted to take the proven crusher application concept to a whole new level, which required a motor size and rating that had not previously been used. Read more about why Siemens was chosen for this project.

Oil & Gas Downstream

Oil and Gas Downstream

Plant Upgrades Dramatically Improve Processes at Midwest and Canadian Refineries

A cutting-edge Canadian refinery had plans to eventually process 150,000 barrels a day of bitumen. Expansion plans called for that output to triple in time, while still meeting strict environmental standards. Only Siemens API-certified motors delivered the custom-engineered solution needed for this demanding process applications. Read more about the highly sophisticated equipment needed for this ambitious undertaking.

One of the highest producing domestic  oil refineries in the Midwest, with a processing capacity of 306 million barrels per day, needed to upgrade its catalytic cracking units with high speed motor technology. Learn more about Siemens advanced motor solution.

Oil & Gas Midstream

Oil and Gas Midstream

Compression Integrator Cuts Costs and Risk with Siemens Medium Voltage Technologies

A Midwest-based compressor and pump company enjoyed strong growth thanks to the increased demand for its custom-packaged solution.

When it received an order for multiple customer sites where the compression system would be used to prepare natural gas for transport on ocean-going vessels, it needed to streamline its supply chain with a vendor that could offer multiple technologies and a domestic supply. Product height would not be easy to change because it was driven by the motor specifications of the compressor vendor.

Find out how Siemens engineered a way to increase the motor's shaft diameter, in a shorter frame without increasing damaging torsional resonance.

Solving Motor Vibration Problems

Solving Motor Vibration Problems

An Analytical Approach to Solving Motor Vibration Problems

Vibration problems in induction motors can be extremely frustrating and may lead to greatly reduced reliability. It is imperative, in all operations and manufacturing processes, that down time is avoided or minimized.

By utilizing the proper data collection and analysis techniques the true source of the vibration can be discovered.  Common causes include mechanical unbalance, mechanical effects and external effects.

This paper provides an analytical approach for expeditiously understanding and solving these types of problems.