Single-kiln line cement factory depends on SIMOTICS AboveNEMA Motors

Before one of the world’s largest single-kiln line cement-producing factories in the world could start production in its mid-west U.S. location, all of the plant’s kilns, mills, separators, conveyors and fans needed power and lots of it. For that, the plant turned to Siemens for a custom-engineered solution featuring 26 powerful SIMOTICS AboveNEMA motors, with power ratings of 350 hp to 5,500 hp and frame sizes from 500 to 8012. Supporting these are 28 Siemens large variable frequency drives (VFDs).

Download the single-kiln line cement case study to learn more about how Siemens was one of the few motor manufacturers in the world large enough to build both the motors and support them for decades to come.

The single-kiln line cement plant was designed to produce hundreds of tons of cement every hour – four million tons a year – at scorching operating temperatures of 2,500° F and amid tremendous amounts of caustic dust from the grinding of hot clinker that is cement’s feedstock. The company needed help to ensure the continuous operation and reliability of its cement production in such an extremely harsh environment. It also had to implement the power solution for all of its moving components, to ensure the plan’s operations stayed online during startup and commissioning with minimal impact to the plant’s throughput and efficiency.