Innovative Refinery Upgrades Revenues with Sophisticated Motors

A pioneering upgrader in Canada set out to build a new refinery that could help meet the local shortages of high-demand fuels and eliminate the need to outsource key parts of the refining process, all the while meeting strict environmental standards. Only Siemens' API-certified motors delivered the custom-engineered, field-proven performance needed for this demanding process application.

Download the Canadian Downstream Oil and Gas Case Study to discover why this refinery selected Siemens as the supplier of choice for the AboveNEMA motors, in addition to the benefit from Siemens full API certification.

The refinery's phase-one capacity was built with nearly 100 API 541 motors. Their ratings ranged from 186 kW to 2,800 kW in WPII enclosures.  Frame size ranged from 508 to 6813 and both two- and four-pole motors were included. The application called for primarily centrifugal pumps and a number of fans, blowers and other centrifugal components.