Retrofitting Pipelines with Induction Motors

There has been much discussion in recent years in regard to retrofitting pipelines with induction motors driven by variable frequency drives (VFD) drives. These motors will typically replace gas turbines which have been in service for many years. The motor drive combination has certain advantages over the old gas turbines. When considering the retrofit, specific consideration must be given to the installation, drive design and motor. Typical considerations common for pipeline application are discussed.

Download the Pumps for Pipeline Retrofit White Paper to learn how motors will typically replace gas turbines. This has specific advantages such as improved efficiency, lower maintenance and less pollution.

This paper includes a discussion of design considerations, test and application of a large stiff shaft two pole motor designed for fixed or adjustable frequency drive (AFD) of pumps for pipeline retrofit. A rotor-dynamics analysis of the rotor bearing system is presented for the as-built design and for alternate bearing designs. Test data is presented for complete shop test with the motor and drive system.