AboveNEMA Motors for Plant Managers

When you’re expanding capacity and can’t afford a minute of downtime, Siemens AboveNEMA Motors offer the optimal solution. SIMOTICS AboveNEMA Motors are expertly engineered to increase the availability and improving reliability and efficiency throughout your operation.

An Analytical Approach to Solving Motor Vibration Problems

A Siemens and IEEE paper - Vibration problems in induction motors can be extremely frustrating and may lead to greatly reduced reliability. With proper knowledge and diagnostic procedures, it is normally possible to quickly pinpoint the cause of the vibration.

Proper Specification and Installation of Induction Motors

A Siemens and IEEE paper - When selecting a motor, decisions must be made as to characteristics of performance, degree of protection, and maintainability. A minimum suitable motors for the application is chosen - the key concern is installation and maintenance for a long and trouble-free life.

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Troubleshooting Induction Motors

A Siemens and IEEE paper - For continued motor success proper maintenance of the motor must also be performed. Many problems could be avoided if the application and environment were understood, while others may be caused by a changing environment in which the motor operates. In addition, some are due to choosing the wrong motor for the application or defects within the motor itself.