AboveNEMA Motor Industries and Applications

Upstream, downstream and everywhere in between, Siemens AboveNEMA Motors deliver superior reliability and productivity. Every motor is expertly engineered to meet its application’s particular needs. All AboveNEMA motors built for either a mine conveyor or a power plant, are optimized for maximize performance and significant energy savings.

Click on your specific industry below and explore ways in which AboveNEMA motors can drive your industry forward more efficiently.

Oil and Gas

From the wellhead to the refinery, SIMOTICS AboveNEMA Motors from Siemens - the industry leader - are consistent, reliable, low-maintenance motors that ensure your production performance regardless of the extreme environments where large motors operate.


Chemical manufacturers look for ways to maximize topline growth through enhanced plant process, reliability and availability. SIMOTICS AboveNEMA Motors - the industry leader for large motors - ensure motors operate with high performance and reliability for optimum production and processing.

Power Generation

To ensure your power plant continues to contribute significantly with working energy, SIMOTICS AboveNEMA Large Motors - the world's leading provider - designs highly reliable and optimally performing motors for rotating power equipment within the utility, oil & gas, and industrial processing industries worldwide.


SIMOTICS AboveNEMA motors - leading provider of large motors - perform with reliable precision to ensure optimum production and processing for the pulp and paper industry.  We are committed to designing the motors for your specific needs.

Mining / Minerals / Cement

SIMOTICS AboveNEMA Motors are large motors for global mining customers that help to improve output quality and lead to higher production results. These leading motors in the industry are designed to deliver consistent, reliable, and low-maintenance performance.