New Advantage Line. Award Winner! Product of the Year - AboveNEMA 449 Medium Voltage Motor - Up to 400 hp

This product offers a smaller package with more power, is form wound, largest power offered with up to 400 HP - More value in a base offering!

Small is the New Big - More Power, Smaller Package, Quicker Delivery, Better Value

What's New:

  • Largest power offered with up to 400 HP - 49% smaller than 500 frame

  • Extensive list of standard options to increase your applications flexibility

  • Get it faster then you think with the latest technology in stock

  • Assembled and stocked in Norwood, OH, USA

Key Features:

  • Form Wound

  • Aluminum die cast rotor

  • Class F insulation

  • Class B temperature rise @ 1.0SF and Class F rise @ 1.15SF

  • NEMA Premium(R) efficiency 250 HP

  • 120V Space heater

  • And, more....see the flyer

Options to Increase Your Application Flexibility

  • F2 Mounting

  • Bearing RTDs

  • Meets IEEE 841

  • And, more...see the flyer