The sophisticated drive solution for single and multi-motor drives in the medium-voltage

General description

The decades of experience that we have gained with our SIMOVERT ML, SIMOVERT ML2, drive converters, transrapid line feeder systems and traction power supply links culminate and merge in the SINAMICS SM150.

SINAMICS SM150 is a high-end drive converter for low and high speed applications. This is the reason that it is recommended for applications requiring a high dynamic performance and regenerative feedback into the line supply - generally with special motors from approx. 4 - 26 MW.

The water-cooled SINAMICS SM150 drive converters, capable of regenerative feedback into the line supply, are available as either single-motor or multi-motor drive with well-proven IGCT power semiconductors for medium-voltage drive applications. For the multi-motor drives, a common DC bus allows direct energy exchange for applications that involve both motoring and generating drives.

Technical data overview

SINAMICS SM150 is available with IGCT power section for the power ratings given below.In a specific application, the power depends on the required load duty cycle.

Brief overview

Rated output voltage

Max. type ratings

3.3 kV

10.5 MVA for single circuit configuration

21 MVA for parallel circuit configuration with two units

31.5 MVA for parallel circuit configuration with three units

Customer benefits

  • Easy plant integration due to the compact design and highly flexible configuration

  • Simple operator control with the user-friendly operator panel

  • Smooth and reliable operation due to the integrated maintenance functions: the converter signals automatically and well in advance when maintenance is required and/or components need to be exchanged

  • High ruggedness and reliability thanks to the use of IGCT technology and fuseless design, combined with intelligent response to external disturbances

  • Hassle-free integration into higher-level automation systems due to PROFIBUS interface supplied as standard and analog and digital interfaces

  • High degree of service-friendliness due to the innovative power section design with compact phase modules and excellent accessibility of all components

  • Ideal for direct energy exchange on the common DC bus in applications with motoring and generating drives

Typical applications

  • Moving: Belt conveyors, ship's drives, test stands

  • Processing: Rolling mill drives

Further, the power section is also used in Transrapid and traction power supply links. The non-regenerative version GM150 (IGCT version) is available for ship's drives, gas compressors and ore crushers.