SINAMICS GM150 - The Universal Drive Solution for Single Drives in the Medium - Voltage

Simply straightforward – from the very start

General description

Our SINAMICS GM150 variable speed drive brings simplicity into the medium-voltage environment. This starts with standardized engineering using the SIZER engineering tool followed by the uncomplicated integration into the plant or system. This is continued with fast and user-friendly commissioning using STARTER and easy operator control.

And in operation, SINAMICS GM150 distinguishes itself thanks to its ruggedness and servicefriendliness.

SINAMICS GM150 is designed as a universal and simple drive converter for single-motor applications with variable and constant torque characteristic but without regenerative feedback.

SINAMICS GM150 (IGBT) can be optimally combined with converter motors from Siemens. In this case sine-wave filters are not required, resulting in a very competitive, compact and efficient drive solution.With the optional sine-wave filter the converter offers the best prerequisites for operation of standard motors and is thus optimally suited for retrofit of fixed-speed drives to variable-speed drives in existing installations. The SINAMICS GM150 (IGBT) drive converters offer an economical drive solution, which can be adapted to specific customer needs with a wide range of optionally available components and accessories. 

Technical data overview

■  Power section with HV-IGBT technology for power ratings up to 13 MVA.

    SINAMICS GM150 (IGBT) is the successor of SIMOVERT MV.

■  Power section with IGCT technology for ratings starting from 10 MVA up to 21 MVA.

Brief overview

Rated output voltage

Output with air cooling

Output with water cooling

3 AC 2.3 kV

1 to 3.2 MVA

2 to 4 MVA

3 AC 3.3 kV

1 to 8 MVA

2 to 10.3 MVA

3AC 3.3 kV

(IGCT power section)

10 to 21 MVA

3 AC 4.16 kV

1.3 to 10.1 MVA

2 to 13 MVA


Reliability for every industry

Oil and gas, water / waste water, power generation, mining, cement, marine, metals - a SINAMICS GM150 drive performs unaffected by environmental effects such as dust, corrosion and vibration. The control is insensitive to voltage fluctuations and electromagnetic disturbances, further increasing the overall reliability.

All of this is complemented by the standardized technology of the SINAMICS family.Siemens is the first supplier on the market to already use reliable HV-IGBT power modules in the second generation! 

Planning and commissioning the easy way

With no effort at all: Mechanical integration into the plant

  • Front access allows wall-mounting of drive cabinets

  • Simple and safe transport thanks to the integrated base frame

  • Either air- or water-cooled

  • Compact design makes it easier to integrate into existing plants

  • Space-saving cabinet design reduces the costs of the electrical room

  • Transformer location can be freely selected: oil-filled transformer for outdoor installation or dry-type for indoor installation

Individual and fast: Electrical integration into the plant

An extensive range of electrical options allows the drive to be flexibly adapted to specific requirements:

  • Top or bottom cable entry

  • All connections from the front

  • Without filter as standard for new systems equipped with Siemens converter motors

  • The best prerequisites for operation with motors that are designed for direct online operation, using a real sinus-wave filter

  • Line-friendly using a 12-pulse diode rectifier - or alternatively a 24-pulse diode rectifier

  • SINAMICS GM150 (IGBT) fulfills the requirements of Underwriter's Laboratories for the UL test mark. This significantly simplifies worldwide use, especially for OEMs and plant integrators.

Customer benefits

  • Easy plant integration due to the compact design and highly flexible configuration

  • Simple operator control with the user-friendly operator panel

  • Smooth and reliable operation due to the integrated maintenance functions: the converter signals automatically and well in advance when maintenance is required and/or components need to be exchanged

  • High ruggedness and reliability thanks to the use of HV-IGBT technology and fuseless design, combined with intelligent response to external disturbances

  • Hassle-free integration into higher-level automation systems due to PROFIBUS interface supplied as standard and analog and digital interfaces

  • High degree of service-friendliness due to the innovative power section design with plug-in Powercards and excellent accessibility of all components

Typical applications

  • Pumps, fans, compressors

  • Moving: Belt conveyors, ship's drives

  • Processing: Mills, mixers, kneaders, crushers, agitators, rotary furnaces, extruders