Las Vegas Hotel Reduces Energy Use with SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY

When MGM Resorts International needed a way to improve Chiller energy efficiency at its flagship Las Vegas hotel, the Mirage, it faced a three-fold challenge that only Siemens could surmount.

Siemens’ goal was to create a more energy-efficient Chiller system. But in doing so, we also had to ensure the resulting solution would not put the motor at risk or affect its lifespan in any way — plus, it would require an HMI to connect the hotel’s chillers with our VFDs. The SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY offered the ideal solution, as its zero-harmonic VFD would both protect the Chiller system’s motors from damage and allow the chillers to reduce power consumption by providing variable capacity. We placed 11 sensors on each chiller and connected them to the VFDs so they could be controlled remotely through HMI software developed by Airmaster AU and Conserve It. As a result, the Mirage is able to save $20,000 each month and prevent 4.8 million pounds of CO2 emissions every year.

Download the full case study to learn more about how Siemens’ reliability and customer service helped the Mirage improve its Chiller energy efficiency.