Largest single-kiln line depends on SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY

When Holcim Cement, a single-kiln line cement producing facility, needed a number of large variable frequency drives that could withstand the extreme operating conditions, it turned to Siemens.

Only SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY drives have the built-in reliability of Advanced Cell Bypass, which allows the VFDs to lose an output firing circuit and still stay online. This was a critical factor in the cement manufacturer’s decision to select Siemens for its drive solution.

Siemens provided factory acceptance testing and commissioning for the GH180 VFDs that now power the plant’s fans, mill drives and kiln drives. Siemens also trained plant personnel and provided a critical spare parts package. As a result, the Holcim cement plant was able to eliminate production interruptions and increase both its throughput and its process’ reliability and efficiency.

Download the full case study to learn more about how Siemens’ reliability and customer service helped Holcim find a reliable drive solution.