Adding Reliability and Availability to Your Manufacturing Process

Reliability and availability of medium-voltage equipment is critical in virtually all applications; any failure will generally disable a relatively large portion of the plant. With a reduced number of components and enhanced process-protection features, the SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY variable frequency drive (VFD) increases reliability while reducing total cost of ownership. Advanced Cell Bypass technology prevents operational disturbances in the event of a cell fault, and ProToPS™ informs operators before potential issues become serious problems. Download this white paper to learn more about:

  • The advantages of medium voltage VFDs

  • How low-voltage IGBTs optimize drive operation

  • Using smaller voltage steps to yield a sinusoidal waveform

  • Improving reliability with Advanced Cell Bypass

  • Why VFD experience matters

Download the white paper and see exactly how SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY VFDs are designed to deliver uptime, all the time.