Perfect Harmony Variable Frequency Drive Lineup

Available in both liquid-cooled and compact air-cooled configurations, Siemens SINAMICS Perfect Harmony medium voltage drives offer maximum versatility for virtually any application. Both configurations integrate 50+ patented technologies that have been proven to increase the dependability and efficiency of critical processes. We manufacture all Siemens SINAMICS Perfect Harmony drives in the U.S. at our New Kensington, Penn., facility.

Tour the GH180 air-cooled drive (315-720 amps)

The GH180 air-cooled VFD with 315-720 amps delivers dependable, high-quality power and electric motor speed control, with a power range of 1,750–9,000 hp and 2.3–7.2 kV output voltage.

Tour the GH180 air-cooled drive (40-260 amps)

The GH180 air-cooled drive with 40-260 amps is ideal for VFD motor applications with limited space, offering a power range of 200–3,500 hp and 2.3–6.6 kV output voltage.

Tour the GH180 liquid-cooled drive

The GH180 liquid-cooled VFD includes a transformer, power cells and cooling system in a single lineup, offering a 4,000–19,000 hp power range with 2.3–8.0 kV output voltage.

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