Customer support before it leaves our plant.

Siemens’ lifecycle service begins even before we deliver your Siemens SINAMICS Perfect Harmony drive. During factory acceptance testing (FAT), every drive system is tested at full load, ensuring it meets both our standards and yours. We test each transformer and converter as a complete system to accurately measure efficiency and verify sequence of operation and protection functions. All of these checks are performed prior to delivery so you can confirm that the drive meets your needs before you proceed with installation.

When it comes to reliability, customer support is a significant factor. And the more reliable the drive, the longer it lasts — and the less it costs over its lifetime. That’s why our Siemens SINAMICS Perfect Harmony drives come with lifecycle customer support, from FAT and commissioning to field service and call center support. We’ll ensure your drive is reliable from day one, and we’ll be there to personally ensure its continued reliability down the road.