Siemens - The Global Leader for Medium Voltage Drives

Siemens drives are the best-selling medium voltage AC drives in the world because they deliver an impressive combination of significant benefits:

  • Lower operating costs

  • Precise process control

  • Lower maintenance costs

  • Increased production efficiency

  • Exceptional reliability

  • Intuitive HMI

Siemens medium voltage drives provide the highest level of reliability, precision, longevity and quality. Employed in applications ranging from power generation to oil and gas, water, marine, paper and more, Siemens medium voltage drives are versatile performers that significantly contribute to increased productivity and reduced operating costs. The right drive system can even lower operating costs by allowing you to build a more energy-efficient process.

Siemens can provide a customer-engineered drive to maximize your process. We're the only company that offers drives from 300 to 160,000 HP (225 to 120,000 kW). And with an installed base exceeding more than 18 million kW of power worldwide, Siemens drives are proven to work brilliantly for you.

The Perfect Harmony of performance, process and technology

2.3 kV - 7.2 kV

The universal drive solution for single medium voltage drives

2.3 kV/3.3 kV/4.16 kV/6 kV/6.6 kV/7.2 kV

The sophisticated drive solution for single- and multi-motor medium voltage drives

3.3 kV

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