A Drive that Keeps it Cool

When you have 60 classrooms packed with kids, a sports arena filled with fans, or a data center brimming with business-critical equipment, rising temps are a real concern. But by running your compressors at full capacity to cool things down, you’re also sending your energy costs sky high.

 In these large-scale settings — and hundreds of others like them, such as hospitals, shopping centers, theaters, manufacturing facilities and grocery stores — the best way to keep cool is through variable speed control. When you pair one or more of your chillers with a Siemens SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY medium voltage variable frequency drive (VFD), additional cooling power is activated only when your facility needs it.

The energy savings from variable speed optimization is so substantial that 100 percent ROI is often possible within the very first year of use. Because SINAMICS Perfect Harmony VFDs achieve a near-sinusoidal output, they can accommodate virtually any motor, which makes them ideal for both greenfield and retrofit projects. It also means less wear and tear on your motor in the long run, resulting in further savings.

With Siemens VFD solutions, you can see your system in action anywhere you have an Internet connection. Monitor your chillers’ performance from your smartphone, tablet or computer to get a better look at high-demand intervals and overall efficiency. Download our chiller case study to see how Siemens helped an MGM flagship hotel save $20,000 per month in operating costs and reduce its CO2 emissions.

Learn how retrofitting your chiller plant with the right VFD solution could result in quick paybacks.

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