Energy Savings Calculators

Energy Savings potential with a click of the mouse

These energy saving tools let you determine for yourself how quickly Siemens’ energy-efficient drive technology amortizes. The new Energy Savings Estimator allows you to estimate potential energy savings across the entire drive train. Or try the free SinaSave energy-efficiency software. It uses your key system data to calculate the savings potential in your specific drive application.

Siemens Energy Savings Estimator

energy savings estimator

The Energy Savings Estimator allows customers using drives, motors, couplings and gearboxes the ability to estimate potential energy savings across their entire drive train.

SinaSave - Calculate the saving potential for your drive applications


Our SinaSave software calculates how great the savings potentials are for your specific drive applications: savings of up to 70 percent are possible.

This software can be downloaded at no charge.

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