Maturing product information about the SIMODRIVE POSMO A motor-drive combination

75 Watts and 300 Watts — product discontinuation

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A compact drive unit with an intelligent motor that can be integrated totally within the machine, SIMODRIVE POSMO A enables you to create a customizable, distributed drive solution. Combining both drive and servo motor allows a completely decentralized approach to motion control tasks, giving you greater freedom in designing your machine layout. The SIMODRIVE POSMO A comprises an integrated converter positioning control, motor control, optional gearing, and a PROFIBUS DP interface connection.


  • Central machine control is relieved of positioning tasks

  • Units and subsets of machines can be independently started without involving the central control (also called distributed intelligence)

  • Configuring / engineering costs of the hardware are reduced as interfaces are reduced

  • Coupling to the system is simplified through standard PROFIBUS DP protocols and programming using standard tools

  • Lower engineering costs are achieved through distributed drive architecture

  • Improved production time results from short set-up times and automated process variable setting through intelligent movement control

Technical Data

  • Types: 75W, 300W

  • Permanent magnet, brushless servomotors

  • Incremental encoders with up to 4096 increments/rev

  • Rated voltage: 24 VDC, 48 VDC

  • Rated speed: 3300 rpm (S1), 3500 rpm (S1)

  • Rated torque (without gearing): 0.36 Nm, 0.95 Nm

Typical Applications

SIMODRIVE  POSMO A opens up new potential for rationalization thanks to short set-up times and automatic setting of process variables. Typical applications are the adjustment of formats, end stops and valves – anything that can be moved into position at the press of a button.

POSMO Models CD / CA / SI

These are mature products.  However, spare parts may still be obtained through your local Siemens supplier or by calling 800-333-7421.