Siemens Answers with MASTERDRIVES Part Numbers, Serial Numbers, Option Codes, Spare Parts

MASTERDRIVES have been replaced by the SINAMICS family of drives.

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Note that full discontinuation of MASTERDRIVES products has been extended to 2020.

Ordering Replacement Parts for MASTERDRIVES

Please Note: before ordering spare or replacement parts, you will need to carefully review the numbering information on the faceplate of your drive(s).  Information is provided below.To get assistance in determining the spare parts list for a 6SE70 product, contact your local distributor or call Siemens directly.  Contact information maybe be found on the MASTERDRIVES Support Page.

You may also obtain spare part numbers via the Spares on the Web site.

On Rating Plate


Order Number (Bestellnummer):


Option Codes (below order number):


Hardware Issue (Erz. St.):


Serial Number (Fabrik-Nr):


If your drive was manufactured after Sep 2007, you may use the Siemens on-line Spares on the Web site to immediately obtain the list of spare parts. You will need to enter the 6SE70 order number in the Order Nr. field.  If your drive order number ends in ‘-Z’, do not include this in the field.  For the Serial number field, include the complete number including any dashes

Serial & Order Numbers

The order number on the rating plate can help to identify the type of your MASTERDRIVE. The serial number on the rating plate will reveal the date of manufacture.

View 6SE7 Series Order Number Chart

View Compact PLUS Serial Number Chart

View Compact & Chassis Serial Number Chart

Option Codes

Option codes exist on drives that have factory installed options. These options are usually the insertion of electronic boards but they may also include mechanical changes. Drives with option codes will have a “-Z” at the end of the order number (i.e. 6SE7016-1EA51-Z) followed by the appropriate codes (s) on the lines shown in the option code table (i.e. C43+).Drives that have option boards installed, but do not show the option codes on the rating plates, were shipped from the factory as basic drives and then customized by an OEM, systems integrator or the end user.