Siemens Answers with Maintenance and Repair Information for MASTERDRIVES to SINAMICS Migration

MASTERDRIVES have been replaced by the SINAMICS family of drives.

Learn more about SINAMICS

Note that full discontinuation of MASTERDRIVES products has been extended to 2020.


Download the MASTERDRIVES Spare Parts & Repair brochure  to obtain more detailed information.

Siemens Distribution Partners

Please make repair arrangement through your local Siemens drives distributor. The  MASTERDRIVES Support page should help you locate the distributor closest to you.

If you need spare parts please visit this page.

Contact Siemens at 1-800-241-4453 if you have other repair-related questions.

Routine Maintenance

Fans & Fuses

The two most common components to fail on a MASTERDRIVE are the cooling fan and fuses. The cooling fans eventually fail due to dust getting into the bearings of the fan. This is an easy repair that you can perform yourself if you keep a spare fan in stock. Fuses will undoubtedly fail from time to time with power fluctuations or surges.

Capacitor Charge

All AC drives have large capacitors that are necessary to maintain the internal DC bus voltages. Under normal operating conditions, these capacitors have current continuously flowing through them that keep them charged. AC drives that are in storage or unpowered for periods exceeding 1-2 years begin to see these internal capacitors discharge voltage. When MASTERDRIVES have been unpowered for periods greater than 12 to 24 months, it is highly recommended to pre-charge the capacitors with a gradually-increased DC bus voltage. A drive that has been without power for more than 24 months and has not been precharged has the potential to damage its capacitors when full voltage is applied to the drive.

This document describes the pre-charging process in more detail

These facilities will precharge the capacitors on your MASTERDRIVE

This brochure describes a portable unit for purchase which will allow you to precharge your own drives.

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