Siemens Answers with Resources for the MASTERDRIVES to SINAMICS Migration Program

MASTERDRIVES have been replaced by the SINAMICS family of drives.

Learn more about SINAMICS.

Note that full discontinuation of MASTERDRIVES products has been extended to 2020.


This handy tool in Excel allows you to key in information on your existing MASTERDRIVES unit to find which SINAMICS drives meet your needs. When you open the file, click Enable Macros - don't worry, it's safe.


All MASTERDRIVES were shipped from the factory with the latest firmware version available at the time of manufacturing. Most customers utilized the drive with the given firmware. For customers who wish to change the firmware version within their MASTERDRIVE, the firmware files can be downloaded to the drive provided you have the toggle switch on the communication cable. This toggle switch comes standard on the official Siemens MASTERDRIVE communication cable, (part# 9AK1012-1AA0).

The Vector Control (VC) drives had firmware versions ranging from V3.0 to V3.4

The Motion Control (MC) drives had firmware versions ranging from V1.3 to V1.6

The Motion Control Performance 2 drives had firmware versions ranging from V2.0 to V2.4

If you are unfamiliar with the firmware download process here is a helpful document.

DRIVEMONITOR Communication Software

DRIVEMONITOR V5.4 is the software needed for communicating to a MASTERDRIVE via the RS232 port on the front of the drive. This software allows for easy upreading and downloading of parameter files along with tracing and online diagnostics.

The communication cable between the MASTERDRIVE and the computer using DRIVEMONITOR can be purchased from Siemens under the part number 9AK1012-1AA0. If you have never used DRIVEMONITOR software before download the DRIVEMONITOR help file containing some helpful information, including how to make your own communication cable.