The universal drive for high-power applications


Siemens SINAMICS G150 is an enclosed, air cooled or water cooled (optional), variable speed drive ideal for applications that do not require regeneration back into the power supply system. This very compact, quiet drive includes an AC/AC power module with state-of-the-art IGBT power semiconductors and an innovative cooling concept that provides low-loss operation for extremely high energy efficiency.  All units include a controller (CU320) with PROFIBUS port, an advanced operator panel (AOP30), and a terminal module (TM31) for digital and analog inputs and outputs.  Standard interfaces guarantee quick integration into the plant and process control scheme, and enable easy start-up and operation.


Many Versions for a Range of Applications

SINAMICS G150 is available in several versions covering a broad range of voltages and power ratings, with a wide variety of standard options that allow it to meet industry and site-specific needs.  It’s ideal for applications that involve moving, conveying, pumping or compressing solids, liquids or gases. In particular this includes variable torque applications such as pumps, fans, blowers, and compressors, as well as constant torque applications such as mixers, extruders, and mills.

The controller can be operated in either sensor less vector or Volts/Hertz modes. Closed loop vector control can be implemented as well with the addition of the optional encoder interface board.

The user-friendly operator panel’s graphical LCD and plain-text display provide easy commissioning and parameterization using interactive menus, as well as alarm and fault logs.

Recent updates to SINAMICS G150 include the following enhancements:

  • New Ethernet programming port - for direct connection of a PC with STARTER software - Of course, it is still possible to alternatively program via the PROFIBUS or PROFINET network

  • Optional SINAMICS Link high speed peer-to-peer connection -  to other SINAMICS drives for up to 64 nodes

  • Bus communication options for Ethernet/IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus Plus, Modbus TCP/IP - for NEMA type A only

  • Optional input Surge Protective Device (SPD) per the updated UL1449 Third edition - for NEMA type A only

Offered in two versions, SINAMICS G150 is designed in accordance with either IEC or NEMA standards.

SINAMICS G150 to NEMA Standards

The NEMA versions are designed to meet the standards and codes applicable in North America. Since it bears the CE mark, it is also suitable for export to other regions.

Key Features

  • Basic NEMA 1 enclosure, optional NEMA 1 filtered, or NEMA 12 ventilated

  • Circuit breaker disconnect per NEC/UL for motor branch circuit protection (type A only)

  • SCCR per UL508A:  65kA for 480V, 25kA to 35kA for 600V units

  • EMC filter Category C3 for 2nd environment (industrial) per IEC 61800-3

  • CE mark

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Communicate without limits

Siemens brings the established power and flexibility of SINAMICS G150 to your EtherNet/IP network, with direct connectivity to PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP™ and standard Ethernet.

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SINAMICS G150 to IEC Standards

The IEC version is offered in North America for customers who intend to export to other parts of the world, or where IEC standards are acceptable (for example in the marine industry). The IEC version is not suitable for installation in North America, as it may require additional equipment to comply with NEC / CEC requirements.

Key Features

  • IP20 enclosure, optional IP23, IP46, IP54

  • Optional fused disconnect switch (version A only)

  • Optional marine version per a range of certification authorities for non-essential services or with - certification for essential services

More information on SINAMICS G150 to IEC standards

Top-10 Technical Specs


Enclosed cabinet drive, NEMA Types A and C

Supply voltage / power range

3AC 380 – 480V ± 10%  :  150 – 800 HP (110 – 560 kW)
3AC 500 – 600V ± 10%  :  150 – 800 HP (110 – 560 kW)

Control methods

V/Hz, vector without encoder




• Flying restart
• Automatic restart
• Free function blocks
• Technology controller

• Kinetic buffering
• BICO technology
• Drive Control Chart (DCC)

Motor compatibility

Induction, Synchronous (without encoder), Torque (without encoder)

Degree of protection

IP20 –  IP54

Commissioning / configuration tools

STARTER, Startdrive, SIZER, DT Configurator

Safety technology

Safe Torque Off
Safe Stop 1
Safe Brake Control

Safely-Limited Speed
Safe Speed Monitor
Safe Direction

Standards compliance

Ready-to-connect-and run-enclosed drive per NEMA/ANSI standards
Optional listing to UL508A
CE mark
IEC versions meet all applicable IEC standards

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