Maybe there is such a thing as too much of a good thing

It’s finally time for MICROMASTER to move over and let SINAMICS totally take over

MICROMASTER 420 Standard Drives

It’s been a long time coming
Pick your favorite old expression – tried and true, trusty old friend, oldie but goodie – MICROMASTER drives have been amazingly reliable workhorses for over 25 years, and no competitor drive can boast a track record like that. But eventually, especially when it comes to evolving industrial technology, you just have to thank your old pal and upgrade.

The requirements for motors and drives are continuously increasing
Even for relatively simple applications like pumps and fans, but especially for other general performance functions, if you don’t upgrade you’ll be confronted with limits which can no longer be met using existing technology – a new approach has to be applied.

Now for the really good news
When switching from MICROMASTER to SINAMICS, you obtain drives with a significantly increased scope of applications, performance and functions – to open up new possibilities, allowing you to improve your products, plants and systems, offer your customers added value, and expand your market position.

Advantages offered by SINAMICS drives

You will become faster

  • Simpler engineering with graphic commissioning, trace (oscilloscope function) and integration in the TIA Portal

  • Parameters are cloned instead of programmed

  • Commissioning Wizard with optimized user prompting

You will become more flexible and perform better

  • Wide range of hardware versions for various applications

  • Integrated DC link reactor (dependent on the frame size)

  • Standard USB interface to connect a PC

You will become safer and more efficient

  • SINAMICS with Drives Safety Integrated

  • Simple connection to the automation system and improved control response

  • Consequential cost reduction

  • High energy efficiency

  • Positioning technology function integrated in the drive (EPos)

Where to go from here

The table below offers general suggestions on which SINAMICS drives are replacing the three levels of MICROMASTER products. These are approximates only - please consult the tools below for further information and contact your local Siemens distributor for assistance and sales.

Your old friends


Basic applications


Pump & fan applications


Complex general motion applications

Replace them with:

SINAMICS G120 Modular Vector Drive
1/3 AC 230 V

0.16 - 40 Hp
(0.12 - 30 kW)
1AC 200-240V
3AC 380-480V

SINAMICS G120C Compact Vector Drive
3 AC 400 V

SINAMICS G120C Compact Vector Drive
3 AC 400 V

distributed drive
0.5 – 5HP
(0.37 – 4kW)
3AC 380-480V

SINAMICS G120 Modular Vector Drive
1/3 AC 230 V

Some advantages

Increased safety and efficiency
Safety Integrated functionality
• PROFINET communication
Graphic commissioning, Trace, TIA Portal

Distributed drive
1 - 10 Hp
(0.75 - 7.5 kW)
3AC 380-480V

Some advantages

Increased speed and efficiency
Extended Safety Integrated functionality
Copying of parameters via SD card
Integrated positioning function
Integrated energy recovery function

Robicon W Drives for Municipal Water

1-600 Hp
3AC 380-480V
Standard 6-pulse and 18-pulse clean power

Some advantages

Increased performance and efficiency
Several options for various configurations
Easier commissioning and maintenance
One software shared with other SINAMICS drives

Tools to help with MICROMASTER migration

Recoding tool
for matching MICROMASTER part numbers to SINAMICS

for the appropriate SINAMICS drive

with more information about MICROMASTER to SINAMICS conversion