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SINAMICS G120 Vector Drive

SINAMICS G110D is a simpler version of the higher-performance SINAMICS G120D, offering many of the same features. This v’hz distributed drive solution combines improved functionality, increased energy efficiency, a smaller footprint, lower total cost-of-ownership, and enhanced usability in a single drive.  Perfect for use as a conveyor drive, it is ideal for installation in close proximity to motors located throughout facilities where dust and water ingression are a concern.

Communication, bus parameterization and diagnostics via AS-Interface permit reliable maintenance and plant-wide engineering. The digital and analog inputs provided on the device allow sensors and actuators to be simply connected directly to the drive. Thanks to the wide range of power ratings up to 10 HP (7.5 kW), almost all basic conveyor-related plants and systems can be designed without requiring a cabinet. Using its AS-Interface connection, SINAMICS G110D can be integrated as a module into the Totally Integrated Automation  environment.

The SINAMICS G110D is suitable for open-loop induction motors in a wide range of industrial applications and systems in which a drive is operated in a distributed configuration. Connected to AS-i or locally without a bus system, the drive may also be connected to PROFIBUS via the DP/AS-i Link.


  • Integrated plug-and-play power and control - Easier installation

  • Optional Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) - Simple text application setup in a reduced footprint.  The IOP further assists the machine operator with a greater level of control, as well as alarm status alerts and resolution advice, so troubleshooting time is greatly reduced.

  • Optional Power disconnect switch

  • IP65 metal housing enclosure - Low profile for easier mounting near the motor, with no drive cabinet required, for further space savings.

  • Direct communication - With a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or control via I/O inputs

  • AS-Interface bus configuration and optional maintenance and manual-auto switch incorporated into the drive - Easy to integrate with other hardware in an overall control schematic

  • Integrated brake control and quick stop functions - Higher degree of reliability in heavy-load operations.

Top-10 Technical Specs


Distributed, separate from motor

Supply voltage / power range

3AC 380 – 480V ± 10%  :  1 to 10 HP  (0.75 to 7.5 kW)
- may be operated with a 15 HP (11 kW) motor under certain conditions

Control methods





• Flying restart
• Automatic restart
• Technology controller
• Quick stop

• Jog mode
• Control for motor holding and operating brake
• Electrical brakes

Motor compatibility

Induction, torque

Degree of protection


Commissioning / configuration tools

STARTER,, SIZER, DT Configurator

Safety technology

Safe Torque Off

Standards compliance

UL 508C (UL list number E121068), CE, C-Tick

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Typical Applications

Applications range from material handling or packaging conveyors and airport baggage carousels — to pumps, fans, compressors and other industrial applications.

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