Where high performance means ultimate drive control


With a wide range of coordinated components and functions in a complete drives package, SINAMICS S120 modular drives are designed for

  • Motion control

  • High-performance drive applications in mechanical and systems engineering

SINAMICS S120 drives include high-performance single drives and coordinated drives (multiple-axis applications) with vector or servo functionalities that allow implementation of customized high performance drive solutions for the ultimate in flexibility and increased productivity. In addition to an innovative system architecture and digital communication options, these drives come in a variety of designs and cooling types, delivering performance from 0.16 to 6,000 HP, and feature efficient engineering and quick commissioning resulting from innovative tools and simple wiring.

New Catalog D21.4

SINAMICS S120 drives and SIMOTICS motors

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SINAMICS S120 Now does Modbus TCP/IP

• Firmware v 4.8

• Control Units: CU310-2PN, CU320-2PN

• Expansion Board: CBE20

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Improved Booksize Motor Modules

Designed and built in the range from 3 to 60 Amps, they are fully compatible with existing booksize drive products and represent real added value for users.

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