Siemens Answers with the SIMODRIVE 611U Drive - Still Solving Unique Challenges

Note that SIMODRIVE 611U is being replaced by the SINAMICS family of drives

For most applications:

Siemens SINAMICS S120 Drive Family would be your replacement

> SINAMICS S120 Modular Drives

> SINAMICS S120 Combi for CNC Milling & Turning

> Machine tools

> Robot and manipulators

> Mass production and jobshop applications

> Form and tool construction

> Presses and packaging machines

> Production machines for glass, wood, stone and textiles


SIMODRIVE  611 Universal (U) is globally recognized as a highly reliable drive solution with a significant installed base. This drive offers integrated positioning functionality in a standard version with output frequencies of up to 1400 Hz. SOMODRIVE 611U includes functions such as built-in point-to-point positioning, external block change, travel/positioning to a dead stop, and on-the-fly measurement.


  • Configurable for speed / torque controls as well as position controls

  • Suitable for synchronous and induction motors

  • Compact design with 1-axis and 2-axis modules

  • Communication with PROFIBUS-DP, the most widely used field bus standard in the world

  • Powerful, user-operated start-up tool SimoCom U, with up to 64 separate traversing blocks that are individually programmable with acceleration, speed, target position, and more

  • All of the data in the package is stored on a removable memory submodule

Technical Data

  • 2-pole to 6-pole resolvers

  • Incremental encoders with sine/cosine 1 V pp up to 65,535 pulses

  • Absolute value encoders with sine/cosine 1 V pp and EnDat protocol

  • Supports connection of a second, direct measuring system

For more Technical Details

Modular Design

The modules have standard designs, 19 in. (480 mm) high, 11.3 in. (288 mm) deep and, depending on the performance, the width increases in units of 2 in. (50 mm).

In the drive units each module carries out a different task

  • A common feed module provides the DC voltage link from the power supply mains

  • A drive module activates every motor

  • Every drive module consists of a power module and closed-loop plug-in unit

  • The NCU of the SINUMERIK 840D CNC control is integrated as a 2 in. (50 mm) wide module into the drive unit and supplied with electricity

  • UL standard

Motor Compatibility

SIMODRIVE 611U supports a wide range of motors, including synchronous, induction, and linear. You can operate the same SIMODRIVE 611U control with the following Siemens motors:


These motors are listed in a table in the drive. Simply click on them. Motors from other manufacturers can be added if required.

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