The most advanced motor-drive integration system that's just a CLiQ away


DRIVE-CLiQ Encoder with M12 Connection — Product Redesign

Siemens absolute encoders featuring a DRIVE-CLiQ interface have undergone a redesign. The successor products feature a compact design, reduced weight, further enhanced robustness, a finer resolution, safety certification and a price advantage over their predecessors.

DesignWorld Magazine Article

Learn how Siemens and Moog have teamed up to develop a unique solution to a common rotation problem in the packaging industry. This custom drive cable for slip rings reduces the need for multiple cables. This compact design is easy to install; innovative DRIVE-CLIQ technology handles drive and motor recognition and setup automatically.

Open encoder interface

With DRIVE CLiQ motor and encoder information is automatically programed into the drive, saving programming time and eliminating mistakes.

DRIVE-CLiQ is an open encoder interface. This enables users to select the measuring system that is perfectly tailored to their application. Encoders that use new measuring techniques (such as magnetic / inductive systems, magnetostrictive sensors, lasers) can also be connected through DRIVE-CLiQ.

Drive-Cliq Topology

This means that measuring systems can be integrated into the SINAMICS drive system that are tailored to the application in terms of price and function.

DRIVE-CLiQ for manufacturers of measuring systems

Encoder with DRIVE-CLiQ interface

Encoder manufacturers have the option of offering linear or rotary encoders employing the DRIVE-CLiQ interface. For implementation, Siemens offers:

  • Interface ASIC DQ100

  • Development Kit for development and testing

  • Driver software and documentation

For more information and a list of participating encoder developers, download this flyer.


Interface ASIC, DQ100

The interface ASIC DQ100 contains the DRIVE-CLiQ functionality. Through integration in the encoder electronics, the encoder has direct access to the DRIVE-CLiQ system interface. The cirquits can be ordered in batch sizes of 60, 240 and1200 items..

DRIVE-CLiQ development kit

The DRIVE-CLiQ Development Kit is used to develop DRIVE-CliQ encoders. It comprises a DQ100 evaluation board, driver software and documentation.

Main features of the DQ100 evaluation board

Evaluation Board

DRIVE-CLiQ interface software can be developed using the DQ100 Evaluation Board, independent of the hardware..

Support and certification

Siemens Support Center will provide support in integration of the DRIVE-CLiQ encoder interface and will perform certification of the DRIVE-CLiQ measuring system.