The servo drive system for medium-complexity higher dynamic motion control applications

SINAMICS S210 SIMOTICS S-1FK2 servo drive system

A drive designed specifically to complement the new SIMOTICS S-1FK2 servo motors, the SINAMICS S210 servo drive system offers 5 power classes ranging from 50 to 750 watts (0.07 to 1 Hp). The drive features integrated safety functions and streamlined engineering.

Connected to the higher-level PLC over PROFINET industrial Ethernet, the drive allows simpler commissioning using a web server as well as one-button tuning. Working in combination with the SIMOTICS 1FK2 servo motors, SINAMICS S210 allows for highly dynamic movement of minimal loads as well as ultra-precise movement of medium and higher loads.

Product News

3 Updated Features

• Now using 22-bit safety-rated encoders for SIMOTICS S-1FK2 motors
• Release of extended safety functions for SINAMICS S210 (requires license)
• Release of firmware V5.1 SP1 for SINAMICS S21

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A SINAMICS S210 Servo System Starter Kit is available — allowing motion control applications to be implemented quickly and easily.

• This kit includes the most important components for operation - SIMATIC S7-1511T PLC, SINAMICS S210 drive, SIMOTICS S-1FK2 servomotor, cable

• This is a very special price — limited quantities are available and certain restrictions apply

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Video overview of the SINAMICS S210 servo drive system

SINAMICS S210 servo drive – Features / Technical information

Easy commissioning using a web server and one-button tuning

Reduced engineering time with SIMATIC S7-1500 / T-CPU PLCs

Integrated safety functions

Integrated web server allows the drive to be commissioned and fully diagnosed without additional software

Motion control functions, e.g. positioning or cams, facilitate engineering perfectly coordinated with the drive

As standard: STO (Safe Torque Off), SS1 (Safe Stop 1)

The PLC can directly access the web server in the drive via PROFINET

Tested application example available for connecting the servo drive system to a SIMATIC control

> Available at

Available soon: SBC (Safe Brake Control), SS2 (Safe Stop 2), SOS (Safe Operating Stop), SLS (Safely Limited Speed), SSM (Safe Speed Monitor), SDI (Safe Direction), SBT (Safe Brake Test)

One-button tuning, with selectable dynamic levels to adapt to the required machine dynamics, allows the controller settings to be easily optimized

Control the integrated safety functions via PROFIsafe, STO also via terminal

Technical information


Component variable-frequency drive

Power ratings



1AC 200 – 240V

0.1 – 0.75kW (0.13 – 0.75 Hp)

0.16 – 2.4 Nm

3AC 380 – 480V

0.4 – 7 kW (0.5 – 10 Hp)*

1.3 – 50 Nm*

Control / devices


Most common controllers

SIMATIC S7-1500 PLC / SIMATIC S7-1500 T-CPU / SIMOTION motion controller




• One-button tuning

• Automatic configuration

• Integrated safety

• Internal braking resistor

Motor connection

One cable connection (OCC) with SPEED-CONNECT quick-lock fastener and compact, rotatable plug; Allowed cable length: up to 165 ft. (50 m)

Degree of protection


Commissioning / configuration tools

Web server, Startdrive*

Safety technology*

Safe Torque Off

Safe Stop 1

Safe Brake Control

Standards compliance


*Other safety functions in development

SINAMICS S210 / SIMOTICS S-1FK2 demonstrated at Hannover Fair

SIMOTICS S-1FK2 Servomotors – Features / Technical information

Increased performance

  • Low moment of inertia facilitates significantly higher cycle rates

  • High-resolution encoder with fast sampling for stable and precise closed-loop control

  • Automatic drive parameterization using the electronic motor nameplate

Optimized connection system using OCC (one cable connection)

  • Only one cable required to connect the motor and servo drive (to transfer energy, connect an encoder and control the brake)

  • Reduces installation/replacement time and saves space

  • Compact with a small rotatable connector for simple installation and mounting – even when space is restricted

  • Thin OCC for small bending radii ensures simple cable installation

Technical information


Synchronous servo motor

Power ratings

1AC 200 – 240V +/-10%

0.07 – 0.75kW (0.13 – 0.75 Hp)

3AC 380 – 480V +/-10%*

0.4 – 7 kW (0.5 – 10 Hp)

Motor design

• Low rotor inertia (High dynamic) in shaft height 20 to 40 mm

• Medium rotor inertia (compact) in shaft height 30 mm

Motor connection

One cable connection (OCC) with SPEED-CONNECT quick-lock fastener and compact, rotatable plug; Allowed cable length: up to 165 ft. (50 m)

Motor options

• Brake

• Multi turn or single turn encoder

• Feather key

• Rotary shaft seal

Typical Industries


Food & Beverage



Life Sciences (laboratories, medical, consumer product testing)

Example Applications

Packaging, Printing, Converting, Plastics

Handling, Moving

General machine building

• Crosscutters

• Flying saws

• Winders

• Labeling machines

• Digital printers

• Cardboard box erectors

• Rotary indexing tables

• Feed and removal equipment

• Storage and retrieval machines

• Adjustment axes

• Flippers

• Diverters

• Coordinated conveying

• Assembling machines

• Chip-sorting machines

• Bonding machines