Siemens Answers with the SINAMICS S120M Distributed Servo System

Maximize Servo Functionality While Minimizing Space and Cabling Requirements

SINAMICS S120M Distributed Servo Drive

The modular SINAMICS S120 drive system has been expanded to include the distributed SINAMICS S120M version. This involves a compact ready-to-connect drive unit consisting of:

  • Synchronous servomotor with multiturn absolute encoder

  • Integrated power unit (motor module)

The SINAMICS S120M gives the option to move the power unit out of the control cabinet and is directly integrated with the motor on the driven servo axis. This provides advantages and a high degree of flexibility regarding existing and new machine concepts. The innovative hybrid cable reduces cabling and connects back to the central SINAMICS S120 components utilizing the adapter module 600 (AM600).

The new distributed servo drive in the SINAMICS S120 series rounds off the SINAMICS drive portfolio and offers a high degree of freedom when it comes to new and existing machine concepts

SINAMICS S120M - Strengths & Benefits



SINAMICS S120M Topology

Compact ready-to-connect drive unit with integrated power element

Reduction of control cabinet space and footprint

Relocation of the Power Module into the machine

Reduced control cabinet air conditioning

Single-cable solution through preconfigured hybrid cable

Reduced costs for cabling and reduced cable lengths

Reduced space requirements with retrofit in the control cabinet

Increases the flexibility in case of retrofit

SINAMICS S120M is part of the SINAMICS S120 system

Identical Look & Feel. All safety and communication functions provided in the SINAMICS S120 system are available

Technical Information

Input voltage for drive

380 - 480V 3-ph

Power range

0.25 - 1.5 kW

Type of control

Servo control with encoder feedback



Typical Applications

  • Machines that extend over large areas

  • Limited control cabinet envelope dimensions

  • Machines with limited cabinet space