Siemens Answers with Integrated SINAMICS Webserver for Remote Diagnostics and Maintenance – Any Time, Any Place

Remote maintenance and diagnostics with SINAMICS Webserver

You’re on vacation and suddenly you can’t remember whether you made that change in drive parameters you were supposed to. Then you remember you have your iPad, log into SINAMICS Webserver, and breathe a huge sigh of relief. You remembered. Better yet, you could have made the changes remotely if needed.

And it’s free. No lie.

The SINAMICS drive system has been expanded to include an integrated web server to facilitate efficient diagnostics and maintenance functions. It is an integral part of the SINAMICS firmware from version V4.6. With SINAMICS Webserver all you need is a computer, a browser, and a connection to the internet to

  • Commission a drive from anywhere

  • View drive diagnostics without the need for proprietary tools

  • View / change drive parameters

  • Display faults, alarms, logs, messages

  • Download / upload firmware

  • Download / upload project files

  • Create your own customized server pages

Features and Advantages

Shorter machine downtimes as a result of efficient diagnostics and maintenance

No longer dependent on commissioning tools for diagnostics

No dependencies on RT versions

It's standard – no additional costs included in the firmware

It's secure - with protection against unauthorized access to drive information

Can be accessed via all LAN or PROFINET interfaces

If a WLAN router is networked the web pages can also be viewed using other web-capable devices, such as tablets and smart phones

Web Server may be activated / de-activated at any time

Two users with different authorization levels can be configured, e. g. for operating and service personnel

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