In Servo Drive Applications What Really Defines High Performance?

In Servo Drive Applications What Really Defines High Performance?

As with auto racing components, industrial high-performance and servo drive applications require a high dynamic response with ultimate precision. These may be stand-alone drives for demanding applications or drives used in coordinated multi-motor drive systems. From simple positioning to advanced motion control solutions, Siemens’ SINAMICS S series of drives continues to represent the global standard for innovation and dependability.

Siemens Answers with SINAMICS – Pacesetting High Performance and Servo Drive Solutions

Ever since the introduction of speed control for electric motors in the late 19th century, Siemens has been at the leading edge of high-performance and servo drive technology. A continued investment in research and development and commitment to innovation for the benefit of customers has ensured Siemens’ leading position in a wide spectrum of industries and specialized solutions.  Whatever you choose to call them – multi drives, multi-axis, motion drives – no matter where in the world you are, Siemens speaks your language.

Is it Standard or Is it High Performance?

Note that SINAMICS G130 and G150 drives that are categorized as “standard” drives have many similar ratings and capabilities of drives found in the High-Performance realm.  You might want to investigate.


Modular set of drive components for integration into enclosures

75 - 800 HP (56 - 800 kW)

3AC 380 - 480V
3AC 500 - 600V
3AC 660 - 690V


Enclosed, air or water cooled, variable speed drive for applications that do not require regeneration back into the power supply system. Available in NEMA Types A and C.

150 - 800 HP (110 - 560 kW)

3AC 380 - 480V
3AC 500 - 600V

This Selection Chart also compares the ratings and features of all Siemens AC drives

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