Standard Drives with Power Regeneration Capability

Some models of SINAMICS G120 are available with innovative Efficient Infeed Technology

  • The line side Efficient Infeed provides the ability to feed energy back into the supply system to brake the load without wasting energy in a braking resistor. This saves space, eliminates wiring, and reduces heat losses

  • Efficient Infeed technology uses an IGBT converter that provides reduced line harmonics, without needing a line reactor, for even more space savings and lower heat losses



SINAMICS G120(With PM250 Power Module)

Closed loop vector component drive that offers high levels of integrated safety, energy savings, and Ethernet connectivity

Power Regenerative Drive - SINAMICS G120

10 - 100 HP (7.5 - 75 kW)

1/3 AC 200 - 240V
3AC 380 - 480V
3AC 500 - 600V


Distributed Solution - allows almost all inverter-related applications to be consequentially designed without electrical cabinets

Power Regenerative Drive - SINAMICS G120D

1 - 10 HP (0.75 - 7.5 kW)

3AC 380 - 480V


Enclosed, air-cooled, variable speed drives for a broad spectrum of industrial applications

Power Regenerative Drive - SINAMICS G120E

1 - 200 HP (0.75 - 132 kW)

3AC 380 - 480V
3AC 460 - 480V