Siemens Answers with a List of Drives Featuring Low Harmonics / Clean Power

In certain applications, having a variety of electrical and electronic equipment - such as computers, UPSs, and variable-speed drives - on the same system can create harmonic distortion, effectively "complicating" the waveform of the electrical current. This can create adverse effects, such as increased heating of other components - motors, capacitors, etc. - and overloading neutrals, resulting in reduced energy efficiency, added wear and tear on critical components, among other problems.  The more harmonic distortion, the bigger this problem gets. High voltage and current distortions are the primary focus of the IEEE 519 standard.

The products inthe tabs below feature low harmonics and clean power, with the ability to filter out harmonic distortion - which can result in more efficient performance, less stress on all components, and overall energy savings.

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Robicon W Series

A range of enclosed drives serving the drive needs of municipal water and wastewater utilities for more than two decades

The Robicon W-series Clean Power drives W120CP and W150CP include an 18-pulse rectifier combined with a patented phase-shifting autotransformer. This robust technology meets IEE 519 under all operating conditions and is ideally suited for applications in the water industry, offering higher efficiency (lower losses) than the Active Infeed for non-regenerative applications such as pumps, fans, and compressors.

  • All 3AC 460 - 480V

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