Siemens Answers with Liquid / Water Cooled Drives – Perfect Solutions for Tough Ambient Conditions

The thermal power losses of these SINAMICS drive units can be more effectively dissipated via the cooling liquid. This means that hermetically sealed electrical cabinets can be easily implemented in NEMA 12 or outdoor enclosures. This protects the drive unit from dusty and aggressive air – but the same is also true for humidity, spray water or salt-laden sea air as in marine applications. Even high ambient temperatures are less critical when compared to air-cooled drive units, as it is essentially the cooling water temperature that defines the thermal load. At the same time, the temperature inside the electrical room does not increase. For certain hazardous zones, the inside of the water cooled drive cabinet can be pressurized to prevent the ingress of explosive gases.

  • Up to 60 % smaller footprint - the optimum choice where space is at a premium
    Some water-cooled drive versions feature a compact design perfect for applications such as aboard ships, offshore platforms, etc., or where the drive system is mounted in the driven machine

  • Quiet and lower maintenance

  • Air conditioning not required

  • Additional cost-saving potential by recovering heat

  • Range of power ratings - as shown below

General Performance Liquid / Water Cooled Drive




SINAMICS G150 is available in a custom version that offers a NEMA 12 enclosure with closed internal air circulation, and an integrated air/water heat exchange

Liqud water cooled drive - SINAMICS G150

150 - 800 HP (110 - 560 kW)

3AC 380 - 480V
3AC 500 - 600V

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High Performance Liquid / Water Cooled Drive




Modular, flexible drive system for vector, servo, VHz, single- or multi-axis application

SINAMICS S120 offers liquid-cooled components for both single axis (chassis) and multi-axis (booksize and chassis) drive systems

Liquid water cooled drives - SINAMICS S120

0.16 - 6,000 HP (0.5 - 1,600 kW)

1AC 200 - 240V
3AC 380 - 480V
3AC 500 - 690V

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