Siemens Answers with a List of Drives Capable of Active Front End Technology

Active Front End – or Active Infeed – is a fully regenerative combination of a Pulse-Width Modulated IGBT converter with a Clean Power Filter. This provides a range of unique features.

  • Low harmonic clean power technology that always exceeds the requirements of IEEE 519

  • Operation at unity power factor, or adjustable power factor in the range of 0.80 leading to 0.80 lagging that allows power factor compensation of other loads connected to the same supply.

  • Stable operation of motor even on weak power supply systems with fluctuating voltage and frequency. If auxiliary power supplies (control voltage, cooling fans) are on a secure (UPS) supply, the drive is able to ride through severe voltage dips and sags

  • Voltage boost operation – Active infeed technology allows operation of a motor at a higher voltage than the supply system. For example, running a motor at 480V, 60 Hz on a 400V, 50 Hz supply




Modular, Flexible Drive System for Vector, Servo, VHz, Single- or Multi-Axis Application

Active Front End Drive - SINAMICS S120

0.16 - 125 HP (0.12 - 90 kW)

1AC 200 - 240V
3AC 380 - 480V
3AC 500 - 690V


Decentralized servo package utilizing hybrid cable technology

Active Front End Drive - SINAMICS S120M

0.3 - 2 HP (0.25 - 1.55 kW)

1AC 200 - 240V
3AC 380 - 480V

SINAMICS S120 Cabinet Modules

Combine standard enclosed drive modules to configure complex multi-motor common DC bus drive line-ups or highest HP multiparallel drives

Active Front End Drive - SINAMICS S120CM

2 - 6,000 HP (1.5 - 4,500 kW)

3AC 380 - 480V
3AC 500 - 690V


Enclosed air-cooled AC/AC variable speed drive ideal for high performance applications that require regeneration back into the power supply system

Active Front End Drive - SINAMICS S150

100 - 1,250 HP (75 - 800 kW)

3AC 380 - 480V
3AC 500 - 690V