With "MCC" being short for Motor Control Center – wouldn’t you want optimum control of your motor?

Why use a drive in your MCC?

Siemens MCC-drive integration

A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) enables precision adjustment of motor rotation speeds to achieve higher performance and efficiency. Whether you’re operating fans, pumps or compressors, or equipment with frequent braking or varying loads, the advantages of switching to drives are immediate and measurable. Utilizing the inherent structure and bus design of the Siemens tiastar™ MCC allows you to compartmentalize the drive and wiring to segregate and protect portions of your electrical system.

Lowering energy consumption
It is well known that the use of drives offers more efficient use of energy. Providing only the necessary speed and power to execute a task is a no-brainer. While motors represent over 65% of the total industrial power demand, some 70% of today’s installed motors do not use optimal motor control. The good news is that almost every company has the potential to tap into enormous energy savings by using drives. The energy savings potential is substantial – up to 70%. Drives pay for themselves in saved energy costs in a short period of time – allowing you to pocket the ongoing savings.

Getting it back and paying it forward through energy regeneration
When a motor spins down or a load is pushing the motor (rather than the other way around), in conventional systems the energy is lost in the form of heat. But regenerative in-feed drive technology allows capturing the kinetic energy normally wasted when stopping or cycling a motor, to be returned back to the facility's electrical power grid. This reduces overall power demand, ultimately lowering energy costs, and helping the environment.

Improving control, increasing uptime
Variable frequency drives offer greater responsiveness and smoother operation than alternatives such as pressure and flow adjustment methods. In addition, an intelligent operator panel significantly simplifies operator control. Having a drive on your communication network, especially in tandem with a “Smart” MCC, provides early warning codes to predict possible problems. This allows you to act on potential situations to avoid production losses

Preserving assets
Extend the life expectancy of your capital assets by reducing wear-and-tear, such as dry running and overload. The advanced system controls and absence of moving parts that require maintenance/repairs lengthen mechanical life and reliability. In some applications, drives options may “clean” existing power conditions, eliminating harmonic and distortion problems that can have a negative effect on other components in the system. Options are available allowing harmonic correction to meet IEEE 519 standards.

Why choose Siemens drives over others?

SINAMICS G120 modular design allows greater flexibility and simpler expansion and maintenance

SINAMICS drives are among the most efficient in the industry. Integrated drives reduce harmonic current distortion, lower energy consumption, reduce maintenance, regulate power factor to near unity and extend the life of both distribution systems and equipment.

The drive most commonly applied in MCCs is the SINAMICS G120 modular vector drive system, featuring these advantages:

  • Wide voltage and power range - 230 / 480 / 575 / 690V : from 0.5 to 400 HP (0.37 – 250 kW);

  • The ultimate in energy efficiency

  • Flexible modular design - power modules, control modules, operator panels can be mixed and matched

  • Operator-friendly design

  • Intelligent commissioning / configuration tools

  • Compatible with all industrial communication protocols - PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP, EtherNet/IP™, Modbus RTU

  • Safety Integrated technology - for simpler more effective, efficient, lower-cost safety

  • Recapture wasted energy - using Efficient Infeed technology

  • Control both induction and synchronous motors

Why use an MCC for drives applications?

Space efficiency – time savings – practicality
Integrating drives into an MCC makes for the most convenient, compact and economical method of implementing a total motor control system. It eliminates the need to mount individual drives and feeders, which add cost and complexity to the installation. Today, many plants and buildings have less room for electrical equipment making it even more important to utilize the available space wisely. Users often wish to modify drive systems by adding more control or internal modifications. The modular design, predefined bus and wireways of an MCC save time during design, commissioning and installation of electrical systems.

Why choose Siemens tiastar™ MCCs for your drives?


With more than 50 years at the forefront of MCC development, Siemens tiastar™ MCCs combine time-proven designs and components with the latest in technological advances to meet any application.

Robust reliability, low cost of ownership
From the world’s leader in electrical engineering, tiastar MCCs smartly provide the right feature sets: from general construction to offshore drilling, from water treatment to the most advanced manufacturing processes. With a constant eye on your total cost of ownership, tiastar MCCs offer you a complete and economical solution, delivering higher yield, lower costs, increased safety and more reliability from the beginning – and throughout the life cycle of your facility.

Application-savvy systems
An intelligently-conceived portfolio of tiastar designs integrates the features customers indicated are needed to run operations with greater efficiency and productivity.

tiastar™ Standard

tiastar™ 18-Pulse


The Standard MCC features a modular, open architecture with many features and options tailored to meet specific needs. It is combined with the unmatched breadth of Siemens component offerings that allow meeting any requirement on time, on budget, and in spec.


Designed to meet the needs of the municipal water market, robust performance is matched by standout energy efficiency, while optional asset management features and predictive diagnostics enable quick resolution of production issues.

tiastar™ Smart

tiastar™ Arc Resistant


This MCC includes state-of-the-art motor control technology components and features that offer optimal motor control, protection, power monitoring, communications, and automation interfacing.


Siemens was the first manufacturer to implement IEEE C37.20.7 compliant arc resistant MCCs with testing witnessed by UL. Decrease the risk of exposure to explosive arc flash incident energy to better protect your most valuable asset – your personnel.

Flexible and budget-conscious drives integration

MCC-drive integration

tiastar™ MCCS allow users to easily expand loads, reconfigure units or upgrade the application process. The plug-in construction allows flexibility in layout and enhances maintenance. Units may be arranged in any order or location before, during or after installation to consolidate process controls or accommodate future expansions. Because units are built for simple removal from the motor control center, they are relatively compact and easy to handle.

The practice of using multiple feeder circuits to redundantly supply individually-mounted drives adds duplicate MCC components and unnecessary wiring and labor cost. Using the tiastar MCC to mount variable frequency drives eliminates this duplication. The MCC main supplies the system power, and the compartmentalized bus design distributes the power to each unit. This also benefits future expansions by drastically reducing the costs for the main power feed and bus already in place.

Other Siemens MCC components

Including contactors & starters, General purpose motor control, circuit breakers, relays, SIMOCODE pro motor management, communications – and SINAMICS Drives of course – are specifically designed to work seamlessly with each other and with third-party equipment. This high level of flexibility enables you to put the right products to use for specific applications. Plus, every possible provision is made for installation, so you can adaptively place and utilize your MCC and make field modifications quickly and easily.