With Siemens advanced AC motor drives the glass is always full

With Siemens advanced AC motor drives the glass is always full

When you turn to the SINAMICS family of AC drives Siemens brings to the table the broadest range available – general performance, high performance, and component, distributed, and enclosed. Universally accepted, Siemens’ present AC drive product line accounts for the largest and broadest installed base the world over. Couple that with an unmatched level of expertise and service and what you get is success and peace of mind – present and future.

Turn to the SINAMICS AC motor drive line-up – standard, vector, high-performance, and servo

Whatever your situation, industry or specification, Siemens offers the AC drive that fits your needs - from out-of-the-box; ready-to-use "shaft-turner" drives to servo drives that define the future of industrial production.

While it might appear that many products do the same things, the subtle differences are what set Siemens drives apart - providing unparalleled flexibility, customization, efficiency, and cost savings.

How are Siemens AC Drives and Solutions Different?

The diversity and flexibility of the SINAMICS family of AC motor drives addresses the widest range of industrial challenges -- from standard drives products and associated components to enclosed and engineered drives, drive line-ups and motion control drive systems. Even more, Siemens focuses on integration - systems that function as a family package - from controller to motor - to save you engineering time, require fewer components, and work more safely and efficiently.

AC Drive Brochure

Meet the SINAMICS family of seamlessly integrated drives

This 28-page brochure provides detailed information about the SINAMICS family of drives from Siemens. With models for every application, power rating and performance level, SINAMICS drives help minimize costs with fast, straightforward engineering, using standardized configuration / startup tools and reliable, energy-efficient operation. Learn about the powerful safety features and automation integration capabilities built into SINAMCS drives.

Download the brochure to learn more about energy- and cost-saving SINAMICS drive technology.

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