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Manufacturing IT

Manufacturing IT is a module of SINUMERIK Manufacturing Excellence, a combination of products, solutions and services designed to optimize the integration of CNC and manufacturing data throughout the entire lifecycle of your machine or production facility.

Manufacturing IT helps you shorten your production process, reduce your costs and secure desired quality via integration of machines into the IT environment of production. This includes the familiar Motion Control Information System software suite, as well as comprehensive consulting for introduction and operations, along with IT and data security. Siemens will support you with our expertise in consulting, project implementation, and actual operation of your solution. Products with flexible Best Practice processes and range of services offer you a high degree of investment security and provide a quicker return on investment.


  • Improve overall machine capacity

  • Justify your capital investment

  • Boost your machine performance

  • Increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), machine availability, utilization and quality, MTTR, MTBF

  • Reduce machine downtime through predictive maintenance

  • Connect to product lifecycle management (PLM) systems such as TeamCenter

Machine Data Acquisition

The MDA function package, a module of the Motion Control Information System, acquires machine data and machine states, as well as type-specific piece counts, automatically or manually. Siemens MDA provides insight to where productive manufacturing time is lost within a plant.

Furthermore, its diverse functions allow precise evaluations and analyses to be performed, thereby providing you with more transparency, optimized production, and higher availability and performance.

MDA permits precise evaluations and analyses to be performed. As a result, machine performance can be verified through objectively-established key figures. System parameters, such as cycle times and utilization can be monitored. This allows early recognition of areas that require improvement. By identifying these areas, maintenance, service and repairs are simplified.

Remote Control System

Remote Control System (RCS) is a software module of the Motion Control Information System suite that allows remote diagnostics from anywhere in the world — and around the clock. RCS is the efficient, state-of-the-art solution for reducing expensive calls and increasing machine availability.

RCS software facilitates the remote maintenance of machines. Remote maintenance functions include complete remote control of all user interfaces, file exchange between systems, as well as remote administration for network administrators.


  • Less frequent service calls

  • More efficient deployment of on-site service personnel

  • Better preparation of service calls

Direct Numerical Control

Direct Numericla Control (DNC) program management supports the handling of NC programs and helps to reduce costs in the organization of NC data. With its easy-to-use interface and archiving capabilities, NC programs can be accessed by every machine within a manufacturing facility. This is of particular relevance to plants with a high degree of flexibility, product variety and NC data that frequently changes.

NC program management with DNC consists of software modules that, depending on the functions required, can be implemented at different levels.

Condition Monitoring

The Internet-based services offered by Siemens not only provide support for maintenance procedures, but also create a platform for inter-company servicing and support processes. ePS Network Services are geared to improving machine productivity and availability, can be accessed immediately via secure Internet connections from anywhere in the world, and are easy-to-configure from any PC.

Typical examples of these services are remote access to control systems, optimized fault diagnostics with trace functions, monitoring and data services (comparison and archiving of data) and trend analyses on machine components for status-specific maintenance.


  • Increase your plant's availability

  • Increase your overall productivity

  • Reduce your inspection and maintenance costs

  • Lower your investment costs

  • Concentrate on your core business

Tool Data Information

Tool Data Information (TDI), a module of the Siemens Motion Control Information System, allows your factory to realize well-planned tool scheduling, decreased tool change times and to more efficiently utilize resources. TDI is a system from which you can combine the right modules for each degree of automation. Whether for individual machines or an entire facility of machine tools, TDI gives you access to all tool data.

All TDI modules are designed so they can operate on a single machine or within networked, inter-connected systems, e.g., they can display an overview of all actual tool data on a single machine or a central control system.


  • Numerous filter functions for application-specific generation of results lists

  • Operator-prompted loading and unloading of individual tools simultaneously with machining time together with the SINUMERIK standard tool management option

  • Simple interfacing of a tool setting station via Ethernet for the import of tool correction data

Remote Procedure Call

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) SINUMERIK software is used to integrate SINUMERIK numerical controls into a customer’s production network.
All essential machine data, such as states, piece counts, alarms, messages, CNC programs, machine tool downtimes, etc., can be exchanged via RPC SINUMERIK between a control system and a computer numerical control.

RPC provides an interface between a host computer and a SINUMERIK 840D or 810D CNC. Communication between the two systems is based upon Ethernet and TCP / IP protocol. Data transfers can be initiated by either the host computer or the control. The interface to RPC SINUMERIK is based upon RPC and the transfer according to the DCE standard.