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The new SINUMERIK operator interface has been structured even more clearly and intuitively. SINUMERIK Operate combines the known HMI-Advanced, ShopMill and ShopTurn on one consistent, innovative operator and programming interface. SINUMERIK Operate is clearly structured, can be operated intuitively and provides numerous modern, powerful functions which allow to combine workstep and high-level language programming on one operator interface – thus ensuring fast, efficient and intuitive NC programming and production planning.


Programming ease

The new CNC user interface is clearly structured, intuitive for users and equipped with a broad range of new and powerful functions. This allows machining step and high-level languageprogramming to be united in a single user interface. In turn, this enables extremely fast, rational and intuitive NC programming and work preparation.


  • Simple steps for successful work
    When setting up a workpiece, the measurement process is also shown clearly and simply with animated elements

  • Simple and fast handling
    Enables complex workpieces to be manufactured in a single clamp

  • Different kinematics
    Easy to set-up

  • Simultaneous machining
    Step recording can be activated and displayed

SINUMERIK Operate HMI Simulation

Powerful functions

Intelligent HMI functions offer users the simplest and most effective support for their daily work – for example with screenshots via keyboard shortcut. The state-of-the-art Windows style display is also very user-oriented. SINUMERIK Operate sets a new standard for usability in terms of graphical support. Animated elements portray each machining step in advance in a graphically-animated simulation.

  • The tool list
    With its context-based functions and self-explanatory icons, the tool list is intuitive, can be customized, and is easy-to-use. Plus, it provides all relevant information, which can then be seen at a glance.

  • Animated elements
    CNC achieves an unparalleled level of convenience in terms of operation and programming, even with technological cycles.

  • Safe – thanks to simulation
    Simulation offers a broad range of different workpiece views. This allows programming to be checked immediately and users can also zoom in and out while a simulation is running, even on swiveled planes.