Field Service

Different problems require different solutions. And with extensive practical machine tool experience around the world, customers call on Siemens to assist with questions regarding the functions or handling of SINUMERIK, SINAMICS, SIMODRIVE, and ACRAMATIC products. Whether by phone, fax or e-mail, Siemens machine tool and CNC field service specialists are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to advise and assist you in answering questions regarding the operation and handling of your SINUMERIK and ACRAMATIC CNC controls, along with other machine tool products.
Siemens offers the following services to help keep your plant running at peak performance

  • On-site CNC / machine tool field service from Siemens factory-trained engineers.

  • Start-up and application assistance for both OEMs and end-users.

  • Systems modification including software and hardware upgrades, option installations, and retrofitting.

  • Remote diagnostics to analyze and diagnose problems via modem.





Customer Support - Spare Parts, Repair, & Field Service

(800) 879-8079

(513) 234-9780

Service levels

Siemens offers three levels of service agreements with a variety of services to keep your machine fully operational.

  1. SIE MACH Level I Agreement
    provides exchange of parts, on-site service and motor repair.

  2. SIE MACH Level II Agreement
    offers access to 24/7 technical support service, including weekends and holidays. In addition to all of the services offered under SIE MACH Level I, SIE MACH Level II includes preventive maintenance visits.

  3. SIE MACH Level III Agreement
    offers extra services, such as on-site service workshops for your staff along with service consultations and 24-hour on-site response time.

Value-added services

  • Productivity improvement

  • Machine optimization

  • Field service workshops

  • Core motor inventory/exchange

  • Motor spindle repair and preventive maintenance

  • Drive upgrades

  • Vibration monitoring

  • Power studies

  • Spare part packages

  • Remote diagnostics