SINUMERIK for Aerospace


Modular, flexible, reliable and open: Our high-end CNC supports all relevant technologies in the aerospace industry. This state-of-the-art aerospace CNC will boost your production by guaranteeing increased safety during production, increased productivity thanks to faster production, shorter machine setup and downtime, and an optimized production flow. New uniform and creative machine concepts and integrated CAD/CAM-CNC process chain also allow for further technological advancements.

Modular at all levels

The SINUMERIK 840D sl is a flexible CNC platform to
continuously increase productivity. This is achieved
with just a few modules that always fit together.

  • A large selection of operating components for comfortable operation, monitoring and programming.

  • Various Process Control Units (PCU) are available for customized HMI performance, connectivity and expandability.

  • Powerful Numerical Control Units (NCU) scalable in performance and number of axes.

  • The flexible SINAMICS converter system makes it easy to combine individual drives to a drive unit.

  • With SIMOTICS, Siemens offers a comprehensive range of electric motors that is harmonized with the frequency converters.

Totall integrated

The SINAMICS converter range, together with the SIMATIC S7 automation system and the SINUMERIK 840D sl form a perfectly coordinated control system for:

  • Optimal utilization of the spindle power

  • Protection against overload

  • Protection of the work piece

  • Shorter machining times

  • Higher surface quality

Additionally, the Safety Integrated standard safety functions protect people and machines.

Open for customized solutions

With system openness that is unique in the market, the SINUMERIK 840D sl optimally fits the machine technology, ultimately creating that all-decisive productivity increase. As a result of the SINUMERIK 840D sl’s system openness, SINUMERIK Solution Partners can expand the CNC to include a wide range of additional solutions, products and services.

  • The open world of SINUMERIK is entered via standard systems with broad NC functionality, engineered at NC language level. The PLC can be adapted to individual needs via standard SIMATIC engineering tools.

  • Possibility to supplement the SINUMERIK applications with additional ones from third-party suppliers, such as tool and process monitoring systems, measurement systems, as well as teleservice and video monitoring systems.

  • SINUMERIK 840D sl allows work pieces to be simply programmed in Cartesian coordinates and required machine axis movements to be calculated automatically through its system-specific cycles and function macros.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Our production-proven product lifecycle management (PLM) software customizes the CAD system to meet the specific needs of the aerospace engineer and allows better decisions earlier in the process. Our PLM software offers the first truly complete aerostructures development solution, enabling a seamless workflow that spans analysis, design, manufacturing, assembly and quality planning. The result is a high-performance aircraft delivered on time and on budget.

Scalable in performance and number of axes

SINUMERIK 840D sl provides various machine tools with the optimum CNC performance. To achieve this, it is available in several performance versions. Up to three NCU730, coupled through the NCU Link, provide the highest performance available. They can control up to 93 axes in up to 10 machining channels.

High standstill torques, high maximum speeds and smooth-running characteristics make SIMOTICS servomotors the ideal feed drive for machine tools. Going beyond the conventional rotary motor principles, the SIMOTICS range of motors encompasses dynamic linear and torque motors, too. With SIMOTICS T-1FW6 torque motors, completely new machining technologies can be addressed, such as multitasking. The long tradition in building electric motors is supplemented by a wide range of spindle solutions.

Comprehensive functions

The basic configuration already contains an abundance of functions for drilling, turning, milling and grinding. Special technology functions such as those for laser machining are available as directly reloadable compile cycles. To boost productivity SINUMERIK can also offer easy integration of robots for loading and unloading. The Run MyRobot technology package enables dynamic workpiece and tool handling. Interactions such as operation, retraction, teach-in and diagnostics can be implemented using the SINUMERIK 840D sl via the CNC operator panel and increase the efficiency and flexibility of the machine tool.

Volumetric Compensation System (VCS)

Volumetric Compensation enables geometric residual errors from three- and five-axis Cartesian machine tools to be compensated for using CNC methods (no external additional hardware is required). Errors in position, straightness, roll, pitch and yaw of machine elements can greatly influence the accuracy of large machine tools. VCS compensates for these errors with 23 compensation values per point.

Such errors can only be reduced at great cost when using machine manufacturing methods. The volumetric compensation is of special importance for large machines. Commissioning volumetric compensation (calibration) requires the technical measurements of individual error curves for positioning, straightness, rolls, pitch, yaw and perpendicularity of the feed axes of the machine in question. This will be done using a 3D laser scanner by the machinery construction OEM itself or by an appropriate service provider.


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