SINUMERIK for Power Generation

Power Generation

Siemens operates not only as a partner to international machine tool manufacturing but also offers specific solutions for the metal processing industry, such as the power generation sector. The SINUMERIK CNC solution offers not only highest productivity and perfect surface quality but also high process safety and best usability for the entire power generation industry. In addition to the traditional technologies for the production of gas turbines and steam turbines, the CNC system also offers comprehensive functionality for production in the new energies sector. In this way, productivity potential can also be sustainably achieved in the hydro power, solar power and wind power sectors. Innovative production methods support energy efficiency goals and assist companies in the power generation sector to act successfully on the market.

Solutions for power generation sectors

  • Wind power
    Component production for wind turbines, such as gears, gearbox housings and rotors, using CNC technologies such as milling, turning, grinding and gear machining

  • Hydro power
    Component manufacturing for tidal technology or hydroelectric power plants requires high precision and high-speed machining

  • Solar power
    The production of components, such as solar and photovoltaic modules requiring the highest precision and perfect workpiece surfaces

  • Gas and steam power
    High precision and performance of the machine tools is required for machining of parts


  • CNC solutions with matched functionality
    for the power generation industry

  • Comprehensive CAD/CAM/CNC process chain

  • The best usability and innovative functionality
    with the SINUMERIK Operate user interface

  • Milling expertise
    with SINUMERIK MDynamics technology packages for perfect workpiece surfaces

  • Complete machining expertise
    with innovative CNC functionalities