SINUMERIK for Mold, Tool & Die

Mold, Tool and Die

Whether for model, prototype or mold-making tools, the many forms and designs for mold and die and tool making set increasingly high requirements for speed, precision, and surface finish. SINUMERIK supports tool making and mold making by providing an ultra-modern and integrated process chain from production planning, through the CNC control system to production.

SINUMERIK MDynamics is the new technology package that combines comprehensive milling expertise, powerful CNC hardware, intelligent CNC functions, and our unique CAD/CAM/CNC process chain for mold and die making. With these broad capabilities, SINUMERIK is now even more technology-oriented than ever.

Perfect CNC platform for mold, tool, and die making

SINUMERIK 828D with SINUMERIK MDynamics is the new CNC compact class control system for 3-axis/3+2-axis machining. It comprises a technology package for 3-axis milling machines and controls all imaginable drilling and milling operations in any swiveled workpiece level or on cylindrical workpieces. The control system also can be expanded to include additional tool and mold making functions.

SINUMERIK 840D sl — combined with the SINUMERIK MDynamics technological package  provides you with a premium-class CNC control system for 3-axis/3+2-axis and 5-axis machining used in mold making, tool making, and die making. When using SINUMERIK 840D sl, you choose between two SINUMERIK MDynamics technological packages — for either 3-axis or 5-axis processes. Tool making and mold making package functions can be tailored to meet your needs.


  • Powerful
    CNC platforms are easy to operate and include time-effective process sequences.

  • Perfect surface quality
    results from the SINUMERIK MDynamics technological package that features intelligent Advanced Surface path control.

  • Innovative
    services link machines, programs, and tool and mold making data management or condition monitoring tools.

  • Integrated
    CAD/CAM/CNC process chain speeds up converting original idea to a workpiece.