Today, flexibility and speed are the be-all and end-all of cost-effective cnc milling, especially when it comes to small and medium-sized lots with very short throughput times. This calls for new control and automation concepts and for vertical and universal milling machines in particular. SINUMERIK CNC milling systems optimize the performance of milling operations all over the world.

Two control systems for CNC milling

With the SINUMERIK 828D and the SINUMERIK 840D sl Siemens offers two numerical controls combining the flexibility and benefits of conventional machining with the productivity and efficiency of a CNC machine. Designed for typical shopfloor jobs and machines, these solutions will decisively improve operations with just about every CNC milling machine.

ShopMill - the SINUMERIK CNC milling software

  • Flexible programming
    achieved through graphical (without DIN/ISO knowledge) or text programming using cycles that are based on real-world routines, also for making tools and molds.

  • User-friendly operation
    results from practical set-up and measuring functions, clear tool management, and 3D simulation.

  • Increased productivity
    achieved using CNC milling software that supports production planning without machine scheduling.

Simple to program and operate

The graphic operator and programmer interfaces used for ShopMill ensure that everything runs perfectly on the SINUMERIK 840D sl. They are application-oriented to match the skill of a trained operator and are easy to use, even for beginners. Less programming time is required and can be done without the G-code knowledge usually involved. Programming is dialog-oriented and graphically assisted, meaning changeovers can also be carried out quickly.